Top Five ways that Rediculessness could get better! Edit

1.No more child abuse videos: The show attends to show nearly 1-5 video's of small children getting hurt by their parents or others and kids in very dangerous situations, like a little baby with a King Cobra or letting a baby walk on a table just to watch him fall flat on his face. These kind of videos are more evil than funny, and it's sick that people in the audience actually laugh at that. 

2.No more racism towards people with red hair: How and when in America did this become a racist thing? People born with red hair have enough problems with being called the slur Ginger (There, I said it.), but then one day Rob Derdek (or however you spell it) started ripping on them even more than South Park's Eric Cartman. I don't know if other MTV shows are guilty of being bigots towards red haired people, but I don't want to know. 

3.Stop trying to out due Tosh.O: No matter which of these shows you love more, you can't deny how popular they are. Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central's Tosh.O once called Ridiculousness Ripoffiousness, and its plain to see that it's trying to be the next Tosh.O instead of being original. But to be honest, that's not a big deal, at least 20% of the time. 

4.No more man tits: If there's anything grosser than seeing someone puke, poop or pop a supersized zit, its showing videos of men who need to wear a bra. That is very sick, and nobody wants to see that. Don't get Me wrong, heavy set people are just as good people as anyone else, but showing manboobs is not something to see, ever. 

5.Stop glamorizing drug use: No including pot, there's been a number of times where a guest or otherwise has claimed to have used drugs and are proud of it while everyone laughs about it. Is this the positive message on drug and alcohol abuse that they want to share with their viewers both young and old? "Little Timmy"- "Hey mom, Ridiculousness said that drugs are fun. So can I eat some of your pain killers?" I thought We were watching MTV, not Bizarro World. 

Final thoughts: If MTV and Ridiculousness does not get their act together, they are going to have huge repercussions. And I'm surprised that they haven't already for all of the above. Demetri4o (talk) 18:24, November 8, 2016 (UTC)

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